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Experience Stand Up Paddle and explore the great sights and habitat in Dubai on a guided SUP tours.

Stand Up Paddle Tours
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Dubai Stand Up Paddle (SUP)

Stand Up Paddling is the fastest growing ocean sport. A no-impact sport that will positively affect you mentally, physically and emotionally. No experience necessary.

Stand Up Paddle Lessons

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is a great aerobic activity for all ages and abilities. The feeling of Stand Up Paddling is like no other. No matter how young or old it is never too late to learn SUP. Stand Up Paddling is both an exciting sport and an excellent workout. Stand Up Paddling has become the fastest growing surf industry watersport ever and its popularity continues to grow. Unlike surfing, SUP can be done on lakes, ponds, rivers as well in the ocean. After basic introduction to the fundamentals and positioning, many beginners are already Stand Up Paddling on their own after 15 minutes.

Learn SUP

Stand Up Paddle Tours Dubai

Experience Stand Up Paddle and explore the great sights and habitat in Dubai on a Guided SUP tour! We provide the equipment and guides needed to make it easy for you to get right on the water. Our Stand Up Paddling tours are perfect for both beginners and experienced paddlers looking to see something new. We often see dolphins, turtles, manta rays and lots of other aquatic life.

Our stand Up Paddle tour packages include first priority for booking reservations and scheduling and place less emphasis on time constraints so you can relax and enjoy the SUP tour at your own pace. Well-timed breaks and ample refreshments are provided to ensure your comfort. Tours include:

  • Complimentary group and individual photos
  • Flexible scheduling-all tours can be arranged any time of day, including sunset tours
  • All skill levels and ages are welcome!

SUP Tours

Dubai Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Tours
For any questions about Kitesurfing or SUP in dubai please call us on +971 50 758 6992

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